Shop in Store or Order your Cookie Trays now!

Large selection in store or order ahead (curbside also available).  Our cookies freeze great!

Assorted trays are at bakers discretion and contain an assortment of gingerbread, shortbread, ice-box, thumb-print, dutch crunch, squares, etc.

Small trays $25 15+ pieces, medium $35 24-30 pieces, and large $50 45+ pieces

Shortbread trays contain all shortbread; some plain, some iced, some flavoured. 

Small trays $25-30 12+ piece, medium $35 12-15 pieces, and large $50 25+ pieces

(Pictures below give some examples.  Above is guideline only and pricing is at bakers discretion depending on size of cookie and detailing of decorations)

For orders:

email with name, phone number, date of pickup and quanity